Pure Wilderness

Alkaen NZD 139,00 NZD
  • Kesto: 120 Minuutit (noin)
  • Paikka: Te Anau, Southland

Enjoy the thrill of jet boating down the majestic trout filled Waiau
River, to the serene Lake Manapouri, step foot into Fiordland National Park 
and learn all about this unique location.

Your journey begins with an exhilarating jet boat ride down the Waiau
river. A picturesque spot, the Waiau river is lined by ancient beech
tree forest and is the Anduin River; the great river of Middle Earth!
Featured in the opening scene from The Lord of the Rings! Get the
inside-story on The Lord of the Rings filming locations, and the crazy
logistics involved in filming.

Experience the thrill and excitement as you cruise down the powerful,
surging, Waiau River. Stop in some quiet and tranquil spots, to soak up
the amazing surrounds, and learn about the unique environment and
fascinating history.

Suddenly find yourself out on the breath-taking Lake Manapouri.
Surrounded by mountains that have been carved by snow and ice over
centuries; experience a sense of wonderment as you gaze at the
magnificent mountains and sit in awe of their sheer beauty.

Get a taste of adventure as you step into the wilderness, with your
Fiordland Jet guide. Learn about the unique flora and fauna of the
area. Step back in time as you experience prehistoric crown ferns and
ancient, native beech forest! Learn about indigenous Māori culture and                                                                                                                                                                                         the early pioneers of European history in New Zealand.

Allow 2 hours

Includes Te Anau departure and return. 

Book now to secure your spot and experience one of New Zealand’s most
exciting and unique experiences of an untouched wilderness!